MTV Networks

The Challenge

MTV Amsterdam (VIACOM) is the central playout-location for over 16 national operations as well as the central delivery-hub for about 30 VOD-plattforms across Europe.
MTV came to Flow Works with the following challenge:
MTV is delivering content to a growing number of VOD-plattforms. However, due to heavy manual workloads in creating packages per plattform the margin earned per delivery-target was unprofitable. MTV had the content but not the system to grow the business profitably.
MTV wanted a solution that would cater for all of the below requirements:
  • Develop a solution that would allow to substantially grow the margins per VOD target / per VOD delivery
  • Fully integrate a host of existing systems: tie-in and pull content from several sources (video, audio, subtitles, artwork, metadata, scheduling info), allow steerage via existing scheduling system, use existing multiple storages, utilize existing transcoding-farms, etc.
  • Build fully-automated workflows
  • Allow MTV to autonomously create, monitor, edit any (new) workflow, for any (new) delivery-target
  • Create a highly scalable, flexible solution that can cater also to other playout / delivery targets / business cases

The Solution

The Flow solution is centered on the Device & Workflow Management module. The tasks of this module are to:
  • Offer all of Flow Center's functions and abilities as individual nodes that can be combined to build an desired process and workflow
  • Integrate any third-party piece of machinery (devices), giving access to and making use of their particular functions / abilities in the context of process-chains or workflows
  • Allow the building of any / all individual workflows using the combined functions / abilities of all availiable machinery (Flow + 3rd party)
  • Give the customer / admin full autonomy to create, monitor, edit any workflow across all machines in one single, central „cockpit“ (=device & workflow manager GUI)

At the core of the solution is the Flow Center, which integrates all related systems, sources and targets as well as manages all tasks from all related elements/machines connected to the system. The Flow Work also manages all content and processing.

The processing is roughly composed of the following fully automated steps:


  • Delivery schedule comes in (Mediagenix)
  • Flow autonomously identifies needed components dependent on delivery target (video, audio, subtitles, metadata, artworks)
  • Flow pulls these components from various (integrated) sources
  • Flow automatically reconfigures content
    • Cut-out ”blacks“ from TX
    • Recalibrate audio
    • Add audio
    • Add subtitle-format
    • Add branding
  • Flow creates ”intermediate“ format → editorially correct version → approval / QC
  • Flow collects metadata → creates delivery-XML per target
  • Flow collects artworks → transcodes
  • Flow transcodes „deliverable“ format(s) per target from intermediate
  • Flow creates packages per target (vid, XML, art)
  • Flow delivers package per target using various routes
  • Flow collects reciept

The entire workflow-process, each functional node and all target-specific configuration is autonomously handled by MTV editorial staff and MTV admins. There is no need to call Flow Works to set up any process, configuration, target, routine, etc.

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