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What is Media Asset Management (MAM)?

Media asset management (MAM) is all about working with digital media files in the form of pictures, videos, audio files or any other media content. In media asset management we work with advanced metadata (can be from multiple sources, enriched with AI, altered in every workflow etc.), integration of workflows, intelligent storage (optimising efficiency, cost and functionality) and distribution. An advanced MAM system also includes collaboration with internal and/or external partners during production stage. 

What is the difference between Digital Asset Management (DAM) and MAM?

While Digital Asset Management (DAM) mostly focuses on organizing, tagging and controlling who can access media assets, Media Asset Management (MAM) is more comprehensive and advanced. See previous question for details.

How to get started with creating a digital system for managing media?

There are many contextual factors influencing a MAM system, which is why we work with customizable solutions so that we can optimize the system to all customers. A good starting point is to evaluate the quantity and type of media as well as its future development. As a second point, the type of workflows that are needed need to be defined as well as a definition of which external systems or people are involved (in production or approval stage), the amount of internal users, what type of metadata exists and is needed. Based on these type of factors we define target state and see what is needed to build the optimal solution.

What is a media ecosystem?

A media ecosystem covers the whole process starting from where it is created, how it is produced and edited, how you distribute and how it is archived and reused or monetized.

What are workflows? What added value can they provide?

A workflow is a chain in which different systems are brought into use, covering the editing, colour grading, audio workflows, automatical storing, reuse or distribution of media assets to name a few. These are advanced and mostly automated processes that are created depending on the specific needs of the customers. Their added value lies in efficiency and they can include AI functions.

How feasible is it to integrate Flow modules into existing systems?

Flow Works has many APIs or interfaces through which our system can interact with other external systems on every step of the complete process. This is a point where Flow Works sets apart from many solutions in the market. It also makes it easier to get started since you can integrate your existing environment to Flow Works and evaluate the need for further changes later on as needs and budget evolves.

What costs are related to setting up a MAM environment?

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How can I ensure that my or my company's media is managed securely to eliminate data privacy issues?

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