The FlowEdge builds a sustainable digital future by minimizing used resources in terms of bandwidth/Internet line and electricity. The bigger the volume of media files a user has, the more relevant saving resources in media management becomes. The FlowEdge is building the future of media management!



We use laptop-grade hardware for the Flow micro-servers. Power-saving processors and memory modules, power efficient internal SSD drives and a pre-configured power management, connected hard-drives or SAN systems with big data volumes stored locally. Akk these make the energy footprint of the whole system very optimized and saves its user energy/electricity.


Compact power saving hardware for the installed software types that drive user interfaces and database, while the power intensive processes like editing, transcoding and AI run on integrated GPU units. The graphic processors make the whole system much more efficient, significantly speeding up the overall workflows. This is possible since we internally shift the resources to the system parts that do the better job with it.


Online cloud storage is minimized since the files are pre-processed to the smallest possible formats and sizes to keep online storage compact. In addition, only the necessary parts, the content intended for sharing or distribution, are transferred to the cloud while the archive stays on local cost efficient storages. With all this we limit processing power in the cloud, optimizing cloud usage.


Because of the pre-processed formats and files, we only transfer a fraction of the original sources through Internet lines while still maintaining highest quality. This keeps the Internet line free while delivering content with ultimate speed. This also speeds up the overall media workflow up to 25 times compared to other online services, while at the same time caps down the download file sizes of collaboration and distribution partners.

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