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The Flow Center is a leading Media Asset Management & Distributions-System


The Flow Center is the key solution for any company looking for a Media Asset Management (MAM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Ultimately it enables its users to manage and distribute their content in the most efficient and adaptable way. We have built this software in-house for over 15 years and confidently say there is no correspondence in the market. It is a mature system that is extremely flexible and can be integrated to various digital ecosystems. The software works in all sorts of media-centric environments: production, post, broadcast, agencies, marketing, web-tv, even online-publishing and -sales.


The Flow Center is an encompassing, fully integrated system, that offers a wider range of functionality that aid and functionalize production-, post-, archiving, editorial-, publishing and delivery-workflows as well as enabling centralized and technical- and administrative workflows in any media-centric environment or business.


The Flow Center is the center of the system that binds together all other modules. The building blocks of the Flow Center are core modules such as the media databases, the user-engine, the rights-engine. It manages and creates the linkage and exchange between all other Flow modules. 


The Flow Center contains and integrates six core functional areas or engines:


·       Archive       (all content, all types, metadata, users & rights)

·       Workflows   (all editorial, all technical, all administrative processes & automation)

·       Processing  (any technical alteration or management of any media content)

·       Distribution (publishing / distribution from & to any digital channel)

·       Integration (integrate, sny 3rd party device into any self-designed workflow)

·       Flexible GUIs  (use & create any targeted user interface, integrate any web or app service)


All these functions are integrated into a single system, which allows for the creation and operation of highly automated processes and workflows.


Flow Center is built in a highly modular architecture, making it a very flexible and versatile system. Any combination of the core-engines plus our many GUIs can be put together to target and resolve specific needs. Furthermore, any specific user GUIs can be used, adapted or created to cater to any specific user-process or business model. In combination, the Flow System offers unrivaled flexibility and ability to create customer solutions from a set of standardized components.



Flow also allows for free scaling of the solution. As usage-cases grow and new modules are integrated, the hardware-basis can be grown freely; add CPUs, add storages, add users – all at your own pace. Flow can be installed locally on-site, at multiple locations (“federated”) and in the cloud/hosted. On top of this, Flow can also be grown across locations: create a de-centralized network (or “own cloud”) of your own across locations by hooking up individual Flow installations situated in different locations. Use the unique flow2flow module to grow you own network as needed, combine own hardware with hosted/cloud services etc.





Designed as installable software on x86 and x86_64 servers and workstation hardware with Linux as the operating system. You can import, upload and manage your content within your own system or hosted solutions. Enrich or import metadata to your media containers with digital movies, audio files, pictures or any other file. Fully featured search algorithms keep all your content at hand, making it possible to organize it into media lists or projects, focusing on actual content.

The integrated transcoding and workflow system reduces manual workloads, including the possibility for the system to interact with its users, locally or remotely, giving you the total control of your content, your data and its deliverables.




Flow Center Graphical User Interface (GUI)

This is the web-based graphical user interface for groups, users and admins of the Flow Center, accessible independent from time or location. All functions of the Flow Center can be operated through this GUI.


Flow Coder transcoder

Included in every Flow Center installation is a fully featured broadcast-level transcoding engine up to 4k / UHD. This transcoder is capable of crunching the bits from editing systems or user generated content in every format, codec or data rate into every needed format. Flow Coder is a software transcoder operating on the Linux OS with powerful plugin features like for example data extraction, logo embedding with alpha channels, timecode embedding, rough-cut (edit) of video, merging several videos into a single clip, managing 16 audio tracks for multilingual purposes – to name a few.


Flow Device and Workflow engine

This module allows its users to monitor and manage their machinery and workflows transparently, including connected storages, Flow Centers, transcoders, file servers, delivery targets, ongoing processes, data location and status etc. With it you have control of you IT environment and can make use of system interactions with you Flow Center. 


Flow App: the mobile interface

The Flow App is developed to operate with Flow Center Core servers or Flow Ant systems. It can connect to one or more Flow MAM systems and gives its users the opportunity to manage their systems from a smartphone or tablet. Functions include: search, preview, accumulating or delivering content. 





Flow Storage Manager

Operates in IT environments with multiple broadcast storages, decentralized databases, HSM-structures


flow2flow connect

Connects and manages locally or globally distributed decentralized archive operations with heterogenous content and metadata


Flow Fuel SOAP API


Webservice API for complete remote control the Flow Core engine to empower your own software and webservices with Flow features


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