Flow Rooms

Flow Rooms


The integrated collaboration tool


The Flow Rooms are the on-board collaboration tool that Flow Work offers. The Rooms are fully integrated microsites with their own URL that the Flow System automatically generates. Flow Rooms selected content can be made available to internal and/or external partners individually. The Rooms can be “furnished” with content, functions, rights and texts selectively. Rooms can be sent to individual users, to groups (for example a project team) or collections of external recipients. That means the user do not just have one collaboration workflow but instead has all collaboration workflows.


Flow Rooms classically cover workflows / usages such as:


Upload Rooms  send out Room to external upload directly into projects and including metadata and notifications

Download Rooms  send out Room to provide external partner with raw materials (for edits, for audio, for translation, for graphics, etc). Automatically provide all formats / qualities to recipient

Approval Rooms  send out Room with content to get comments, approvals, time-code based instructions, etc

Screening Rooms  send out content to customers to do screeings / reviews / feedback

News Rooms  send out selected content and adress recipients individually to target news / sales / marketing messages and start interaction, dialogue

Sales Rooms



Review, Comment and Download Room:



Upload Room:


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